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The Story of Manolo's Bakery

Since 2011

Originally from Colombia, Manuel “Manolo” Betancur runs one of Charlotte’s most popular bakeries.

New Beginnings: From Colombia to the United States

Manolo began developing entrepreneurial skills during his service in the Colombian Navy after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Naval Engineering and climbing positions as a special forces commander. However, after years of war and unrest in his country, Manolo decided to immigrate to the United States in search of a better future. He moved to Miami in 2000 with only two pairs of pants, two shirts, a pair of shoes, some money in his pocket, and no English in his repertoire.

After a year of struggling to make ends meet, Manolo won a scholarship to study at King University in Bristol, Tennessee. He began his classes in the fall of 2001 while working as a dishwasher at the same school. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Modern Languages in the spring of 2004.

Charlotte's First Hispanic Bakery

A few years later, and with more experience under his belt, Manolo moved to Charlotte, NC, where he became involved and interested in Charlotte’s first Hispanic bakery in a promising and fast-growing city. Manolo bought Las Delicias Bakery in 2011 and renamed it Manolo’s Bakery in 2018. 

In his quest to become a more educated and skilled entrepreneur, he became involved in local business programs, graduating from the Charlotte Emerging Leaders Program in Small Business Administration and the Charlotte Latin American Chamber of Commerce’s Business Builders program.

Our Bread. Our People. Our Future.

As an immigrant entrepreneur and with 20+ years of experience, what makes Manolo most proud lies within the purpose of the bakery; “Our bread. Our people. Our future.”

"Our bread" represents our tradition, from our home countries to this new land. It is something that makes us proud.

"Our people" refers to the brave women and men who dared to come to this country. Their sacrifice is a fundamental piece of this nation.

"Our future" ensures that the culture and values our people bring is not only conserved but instilled from generation to generation."

Looking Forward

Today, after becoming an example of entrepreneurship in Charlotte and receiving various awards and accolades, Manolo has taken his business to another level by supplying high-quality baked goods and desserts to more than 100 stores and restaurants, and supermarkets in North Carolina and Virginia.

So, what’s in store for Manolo’s Bakery? When we asked Manolo himself, he said, “With so much going on and all the uncertainty, many think they can’t change what’s happening around them, but with the right support, we can change our future by creating opportunities that will allow us to grow and keep dreaming.”

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Manolo’s is the home to many delicious sweet and savory Latin American baked goods, and it is the home to this very important mural. Painted by Rosalia Torres-Weiner of Red Calaca Studio as a part of the Papalote Project...

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